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District Board Room.

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As we move forward one of our goals is to improve upon our positive school culture where teachers love to teach and children love to learn.  In working towards this we have had collaborative discussions in which we developed our Core Beliefs.  Our core beliefs serve as a code of ethics or guiding light for the way professionals in this district will deal with discipline problems.  This is a living document that we will continue to have discussions around and will guide us in our daily decisions.




Pleasant Valley Middle School

Serving Grades 6-8

The mission of Pleasant Valley Middle School is to provide academically rigorous curriculum by promoting and challenging the intellectual, creative, physical and social development of middle school students.







2:00 P.M. IN THE GYM




5:30 TO 8 P.M. IN THE GYM










Every day counts in a child’s education. Every day a student misses school, he or she gets more than two days behind his peers, because he or she must make up missed lessons and catch up with new lessons at the same time. Regular and punctual attendance will help increase student academic growth. California Education Code Section 46010 states that the only valid reasons for absences from school are:

  • Illness or injury to the child
  • Quarantine of the home by a health official
  • Doctor or dentist’s appointments that can only be scheduled during school hours
  • Attendance at funeral services for immediate family

School districts no longer receive funding from the State of California for students who are absent from school. This includes ALL absences, even those related to illness, medical/dental appointments. In other words, schools will receive state funding only for students who are in their seats for that day. Please be sure to assist your child in maintaining exemplary attendance to insure the best possible education for him/her, as well as maximum state funding for student attendance. Even if a student attended school part of the day we could still receive income for that student ($35-$40 a day per child). We kindly ask you to be sure your child only stays home when it’s absolutely necessary.

We know you want the very best education for your child, and we do too. Thank you for understanding that Every Day Counts, and together we can give your child the very best education.






If you are a parent of a 6th grader, please make sure your child gets the Tdap Booster Shot before starting 7th grade in the fall of 2017.  The Tdap vaccine is required for all 7th graders to enter school in the fall.  The school office will need proof of immunization once the shot has been administered. 


According to a new state law, all 7th grade students in California will be required to receive a Tdap booster shot before starting school in their 7th grade year. The Tdap booster is a combination of the Tetnus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccines and will be important in helping to protect our students from illness. Please bring proof of immunization to the school office as soon as possible to avoid your child being excluded from school at the start of their 7th grade year.


Please direct any questions to the Gold Oak Union School District Nurse: Tammy VanWarmerdam at (530) 957-7553.

Today: 1/23/18

California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress

Welcome to CAASPP


School Mascot:

Timber Wolf

School Colors:

Red and Black


Staff Email:

To contact a staff member via email, the email address is first initial, last name

For example,

This is a great way to communicate regarding your child or to get questions answered.

Pleasant Valley School

Top Timber Wolf Award

 Each month, the staff will select up to two students per grade level to receive the Top Timber Wolf Award.  In order to be selected for the award, students must demonstrate the following:

  • Give his/her best effort each day
  • Set a good example to other students
  • Be a positive role model for other students both inside and out of the classroom
  • Always give his/her personal best
  • Follow behavior expectations inside and outside of the classroom

 Students receiving the award will be rewarded with:

  • Certificate
  • Jamba Juice gift card
  • Picture in the office
  • Opportunity to participate in an end of year field trip.

*** In order to be eligible for the end of year field trip, a student must maintain the standards of behavior that helped earn the award.  Receiving the award does not guarantee participation in the trip.